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1 Sep 10, 2004 13:24    

My main blog, is blog=2, blog=1 is the allblog feature, blog=3 a family blog and blog=4 the link blog.....

on the main blog, i've added the blog list code on the top, works fine, except that blog=3 the family blog does not appear.

I've check the back office, and blogs 1 2 and 3 are all selected to appear on blog list is skin allows it... but why doesn't number 3 appear.

another question, if i want to force the login page for just blog number 3, where do i put in the code $login_required = true; ?? to take a look

and lastly...if you noticed.. there's a little error msg after the comments,trackbacks line which reads

Warning: array_pop(): The argument should be an array in /home/blursoto/.panel/web/b2/b2evocore/_functions_locale.php on line 139

please help...coz my blog is up and running already, :(

2 Sep 10, 2004 16:42

First you should get your page to validate. I forget the name of the skin that had it's style stuff this way, but the contents of what should be a style sheet is embedded in your _main file. Problem is it isn't identified as style stuff. I'm not sure but I think you have to say <style> before then </style> after. I also don't know if that's your problem or not. It's just that invalid code may or may not be the problem and valid code is easier to troubleshoot.

Second are comments supposed to be popups? Is that what the little javascript in the head section is for? Since it is in the neighborhood of your error message I would suggest you delete both the function and the call to the function momentarily to see if that clears up the error message on your page. There is a b2evo way to make popup windows happen but I don't know what it is.

The missing blog from the blog list is weird. On principal I'll ask you to verify that the blog is set up completely like you say it is, and I'll point out that there are two criteria that you need to assure: "Display public blog list" and "Include in public blog list". Be quite certain the first of these options (which is the second of the three check boxes.

3 Sep 11, 2004 15:08

I checked, it's not the problem with the popup comments.. its the locale language thing....

i checked the _function_locale php, and line 126 that the error msg mentioned is this line

$locale = array_pop( $saved_locale );

and what do you mean validate the page??? the _main.php does have an embeffed css...

and regarding the blogs... i checked, and i did click on the display public blog and inclde in public blog, but it's still not showing

4 Sep 11, 2004 16:56 then plug in your web page and you will see a list of errors in your code.

b2evolution starts as valid code so the only reason it gets invalid is by changing stuff. No problem with changing stuff - it's what make people not have the same exact blogs, but if you change things it's possible the problem is something you changed.

Validate your code first. There is no reason why your page should be designated html 4.0 since b2evolution identifies itself as xhtml transitional with an option to validate to strict standards. None of the new skins contain embedded css - they've all been moved off to a style sheet. Take a look at _main.php in any of the skins currently available and you will see how the top line (after the commented out stuff of course) is calling the page xhtml 1.0 transitional.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="" xml:lang="<?php locale_lang() ?>" lang="<?php locale_lang() ?>">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=<?php locale_charset() ?>" />

I really doubt the function identified in the error is the problem, but it could easily be throwing an error *now* because of something you changed somewhere else. Perhaps it's because you don't have a content type declaration in your head section? I don't know but I do know your code isn't valid so there's no way to figure out what's wrong.

Did you put a b2evolution installation on top of or inside an old b2 installation? That could easily explain why some obvious stuff is all jumbled up. Good luck with it!

5 Sep 11, 2004 19:58

well actually, the skin originally came from the skin list, it's called stolkholm remix, and it came as embedded style sheet.

i originally had a i was worried of the errors in b2evo, so i installed it into a folder named b2evo.

when everything seemed alright, i renamed it to b2, and made sure it called the right blog. Only difference was where the images were saved originally. So i had to copy all my old pictures from the old b2, into the new b2 folder. As you've noticed... b2evo uses the 'media' folder for pics....

I'm not very tech savy, so i'm getting quite confused about what to do.. i know it must be terribly troublesome trying to explain it....

so basically you're saying i shldnt have an embedded css??? and i tried to validate like you said and a loong list of errors came up, which looked like they all came from the style sheet

6 Sep 11, 2004 21:17

blursotong wrote:

so basically you're saying i shldnt have an embedded css??? and i tried to validate like you said and a loong list of errors came up, which looked like they all came from the style sheet

No! I mean, the embedded CSS is not all-by-itself a terrible thing. It's just something I noticed and thought it was odd - like from an old skin. Stockholm-remix is on the skins page but it's a total mess (except it's a nice looking skin - go figure).

I think one very good place to start is to open up your _main.php file in your skin folder and change the top part (where it says it is html 4.0 transitional) to be like the little code piece I put up above. That way you will be telling the web you have xhtml code, which is basically the same only different. It will probably help 'clear up' a lot of errors from the validator so we can get to what's really bugging your page - the quoted error thing. Of course if things get worse you can always change it back.

You've got a lot of custom stuff in the head section of your document. The popup javascript says b2popup, but I'm pretty sure b2evo uses a different way to get popup windows for comments. I don't know the method though because I don't do that one myself. You've also got browser detection and image preloading and all sorts of other groovy stuff in there that must have got in somehow because it's not part of b2evolution all by itself. I don't *know* it's an issue (and it's probably not) but you've got to find a place where your web works again, and one way to get there is to take out things that were added after your initial success.

The CSS can stay embedded - it's not a problem - but maybe taking out some pieces will help find what's making things go belly up in the middle. Of course you can/should put the parts that are not messing up your page back in.

Another thing you could do is copy the code from your _main.php file at the place where it's throwing out the error message. Down the page a ways you should have something like this:

<?php $Item->feedback_link( 'comments' ) // Link to comments ?>
<?php $Item->feedback_link( 'trackbacks', ' &bull; ' ) // Link to trackbacks ?>
<?php $Item->feedback_link( 'pingbacks', ' &bull; ' ) // Link to trackbacks ?>

<?php $Item->trackback_rdf() // trackback autodiscovery information ?>
<?php if( $debug==1 ) printf( T_('- %d queries so far'), $querycount); ?>
<?php	// ---------------- START OF INCLUDE FOR COMMENTS, TRACKBACK, PINGBACK, ETC. ----------------
$disp_comments = 1;					// Display the comments if requested
$disp_comment_form = 1;			// Display the comments form if comments requested
$disp_trackbacks = 1;				// Display the trackbacks if requested

$disp_trackback_url = 1;		// Display the trackback URL if trackbacks requested
$disp_pingbacks = 1;				// Display the pingbacks if requested
require( dirname(__FILE__).'/_feedback.php' );
	// ------------------- END OF INCLUDE FOR COMMENTS, TRACKBACK, PINGBACK, ETC. -------------------

locale_restore_previous();	// Restore previous locale (Blog locale)

The problem seems to be around the top third of that stuff because when I view your source I can see the rdf thing then the error.

<?php $Item->trackback_rdf() // trackback autodiscovery information ?>
<?php if( $debug==1 ) printf( T_('- %d queries so far'), $querycount); ?>

That's from the stockholm-remix skin as-is after unzipping, so your code should be very similar. (Heck maybe just taking out the debug thing will stop the error from showing on the page...)

Have fun with it. It's a high pressure low wind day and some of the guys are going to try to fly. Go figure... Anyway I'll see what you got later today or maybe early tomorrow. Hopefully you'll have found resolution to your problem.

7 Sep 11, 2004 21:55

Hey EdB, thanks for taking the time to reply.... ok...
i changed the top header part. and it actually cleared some of the css problems i had before, so that's a good start. entered it in the validator, and it came up with a whole list of errors, which i didnt really think were errors?

You've got a lot of custom stuff in the head section of your document.

i don't think it's the javascript cursor which is affecting it, was up before and was ok... the long chunk of code that you quoted i deleted, coz i thought i needed it for the popup comment, apparently not. so it still works find without that chunk.

i did what you said.. i used the code originally from stockholm_remix, but the error is still there. took out the debug line, and eror still there.

i guess the only improvements is the css style. But tat silly error just won't budge!

8 Sep 12, 2004 04:59

Hmmm... I see now where your page is pretty much empty. I hope you saved it all because there's no good done by wiping it all out forever! You ruled out a lot of stuff so far - all the scripts and such were not the problem so that's good news.

One last thought is to maybe just upload all the files in the b2evocore folder again. Who knows - maybe the file referenced in the error got crudded up somehow? Or maybe a different one? If you haven't done any mods to files in b2evocore (or admin folder I guess) then re-uploading the whole thing shouldn't be a problem. Of course if you have done any mods in those folders then you would have to re-do them.

Sorry I haven't been much help to you.

9 Sep 12, 2004 06:26

i don't think i did any mods to the admin folders, and if it was, the oly thing was just checking if it calls the blog. but tats it....

is there anyone you could refer me to that may know whats happening??

10 Sep 12, 2004 15:07

About the stockholm remix skin: I know it needs to be fixed, it's a serious mess. If anyone wants to clean up the code and re-submit it (make all the css external, take out the font tags, etc etc) I'd be very grateful!

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