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Cannot update or create anything on 4.1.2

Started by on Jan 09, 2012 – Contents updated: Jan 09, 2012

Jan 09, 2012 06:17    

I recently upgraded to 4.1.2 and all of a sudden I cannot edit anything, anywhere in the dashboard. I also cannot create any new posts, categories, users, anything that requires an update. I thought maybe it was because of the automated upgrade link in Fantastico, so I deleted everything (all files and database) and started from a fresh install. No change. I am using IE9 and an ApacheX server platform. I have not tested another browser. I know it must be a simple fix but until you find the solution, it might as well be rocket science! Any help would be appreciated!

Jan 09, 2012 18:34

I found the problem. Something got corrupted in my php.ini file and when I replaced it with a known working php.ini file from another site of mine, I can now add and modify without any problems

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