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1 Sep 12, 2004 23:03    

Hi guys!
Just wanted to know this: how can I edit the links that appear in the Clean skin, right under the "last comments" and "stats", under the Calendar?
I searched into the main php and the others...could not find it.
Also looked at the css...nope.

Any idea?
I've only managed to change the image on the top of the page... (woah! :oops: )

Thank you!

2 Sep 12, 2004 23:35

Those links are most certainly in _main.php - right under the include for the calendar.

3 Sep 13, 2004 10:25

No...cannot find 'em
Have you looked at it???

Pls help...I will have to change skin if I cannot add/edit links :roll:

4 Sep 13, 2004 17:34

Yes, I have looked at it!

They're on lines 334 - 337.

5 Sep 13, 2004 17:51

you were right.
I must be dumb...
:oops: :oops: :oops:

anyway thank you, I was searching in the wrong DIRECTORY!!! :lol:

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