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1 Sep 21, 2004 06:29    

I'm new to b2evo and and trying to get my blog set up like it was with wordpress. here is how I want it to look: I tried editing the information and have been working on it for the past three hours and have been either getting parse errors or not looking right, can anyone please help me?


2 Sep 21, 2004 08:26

That skin looks pretty simple to duplicate. A green background, a couple of background images, everything is fixed-width and all the fonts are tiny.

So what's the problem?

Parse errors is a pretty generic term - anything specific happening? You have to give a bit more info than you did to get any sort of worthy help. Between now and then: What skin did you start with to get where you want to be? Some (okay most) of the old skins are in pretty sorry shape. Hopefully you started with custom because (a) it's pretty close to what you want and (b) it's one of the best skins out there in terms of quality coding and overall flexibility and (c) I forget what else.

Um... Is that person flossing her teeth with her hair?

3 Sep 21, 2004 23:22 she's just being weird..

I have no idea what skin I'm starting with because I really don't know what I'm doing. I just want it set up simple with the title and date in h1..i really like the word count feature and would put that somewhere, I just want it to follow my normal css, there's just so much coding that I'm not sure what to do and I'm not very familiar with php. What would you suggest starting with?

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