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1 Sep 21, 2004 22:23    

There may be a problem with the search function - maybe someone with real knowledge can check this . In _main.php it says:

<form name="SearchForm" method="get" class="search" action="<?php $Blog->disp('blogurl') ?>">

This does not work for me. I changed this to the following (copied from another skin):

<?php form_formstart( $Blog->dget( 'blogurl', 'raw' ), 'search', 'SearchForm' ) ?>

3 Sep 21, 2004 23:32

I just tested it on my skintest site and sure enough it doesn't work. I searched for a word that was obviously present in a default post and it could failed to return any results. I then checked "use extra-path info" and found that this corrected the problem. Note that the skins site uses the extra-path thing, and this is not the only thing that does not work in a packaged skin without that feature enabled. In the Ality skin if you access the full archive list you will get an empty center column unless extra-path is on.

I did not test with the change identified by radio and using extra-path info, nor did I revisit Ality for possible implementation of a similar corrective action.

4 Sep 22, 2004 00:03


It's got an action value of something like "", and a method of "get".
So the resulting URL is ""
So, it would work if you were using stub files or "default blog through index.php," too, because then the BlogURL is going to be a file without any params.

The form_formstart function checks the access method, and then appends the blog as a hidden input in the form if needed.

5 Sep 22, 2004 00:49

Thanks Isaac. I just tested radio's fix with extra-path and (of course) had no problem. I also went back to Ality and found that using the newest version of the archives link works with extra-path on or off. Bummer that this thread happened a day or two after sending Graham updated old skin zips. :'(

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