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1 Sep 22, 2004 10:16    

We are using b2evo in an iframe, just using the b2original skin. Can't seem to get rid of the scroll bars within the iframe, resulting in a double set of scroll bars (including the IE ones). The programmer helping us set it up says it has something to do with the header which wasn't specified, but when he tries to specify it, it has no result. When we had a test message posted of just a few words, it didn't add scroll bars. But then when we posted a full message of several lines, it did. Anyone know a solution?

2 Sep 22, 2004 15:08

As ever, we need a link before we can give you any help that will be of real use...

3 Sep 22, 2004 18:50

just put scrolling="no" in your definition of the iframe

<iframe src="foo.html" width="400" height="500" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

4 Sep 22, 2004 21:42

OK...let me describe a little what we are doing, and then maybe you can give me some advice on how to do it.

My dh and I are updating our old homepage and wanted to add a blog to it. I realize that we could pretty much just use a blog from b2 in place of the whole site, but we enjoy the look of a website. What we can't figure out is how to make the menu, top, and footer in a template for ease of editing later and use the b2 blog in the contents. We also have several other things like a photo album (using JAlbum program), and a flash presentation of a gospel tract on other pages.

We have a friend who is a professional web programmer, and he has set it up in iframes. Seems to suit our purpose, but I greatly dislike the double scroll bars on the right (irratating) and also the left to right scroll bar on the bottom of the blog (Updates) page. I changed the scroll to equal no, but then i couldn't scroll down to view the rest of the blog message.

My dh was an entry level web programmer for a telecom company for a year and knows some, but my is there ALOT out there that he doesn't know, not to discredit him for everything he has taught himself.

I am wondering if there is a way to set up the iframe or something different (CSS divs?) so that at least the top and menu would be in a template? The footer needn't be since it won't be updated that much.

Here is the link to our site.

The blog is on the updates page.

If you need to see the scripting, let me know...I am not sure which file you would need.

5 Sep 22, 2004 23:21

so you are planning to change the photo's and menu lot of time ?

Because using and iframe to post your blogs in, is a very bad idea.
You mentioned it yourself, you got scrollbars, or you can't scroll
either way it's not good.

I don't know why you say 'we enjoy the look of a website'..
You can make your blog look like a page of your website, without using iframes

I made an example for you
PM me for the url

don't worry, it is not difficult once you know how to deal with it

6 Sep 23, 2004 04:49

Slightly off topic here: a web design professional suggested iframes? I thought iframes were about five years out of date...

7 Sep 23, 2004 19:17

that were my exact thoughts

8 Sep 25, 2004 02:47

iframes are for people who dunno how to code so they can use it easier ;) like said 5, 6, years old

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