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1 Sep 22, 2004 11:21    

This is a weird problem.

I can see all the pictures on my posts, but others can't see it. And it's hard to rectify the problem because i can see everything.

I'm pretty sure it's not permissions, they are all 644...

at first i thought it had to do with the link

was the original link to my blog and some ppl said if they put in they can see the pics

but that doesn't make sense. coz only some ppl's problems were rectified, others still can't see it.

it can't be the reason. please help.

2 Sep 22, 2004 11:56

I had no problem seeing lots of pictures on your web in both MZ and IE using the first link provided.

3 Sep 22, 2004 12:04

that's so strange. would there be any reason why it woulnd't come out on others??

4 Sep 22, 2004 12:24

Hey! Maybe it's because you're using an old version of b2evolution? You should consider upgrading to .9.0.11 - it hasn't had a single complaint in it's entire life. Of 6 whole hours!

Just wanted to be the first to say 'upgrade' even though it's not going to help. ;)

I checked your validation and you don't seem to have any real show-stoppers in there, and there isn't anything funky about the images themselves, but it did take a long time to load your page. Lots of posts, lots of pics - pretty big overall download. I suppose it's possible that some users are getting time-out issues if they are on a dialup? You might consider reducing the number of posts-paged to see if that has any change in the reporting of the problem.

Also do you know anything consistent about the people who can't see the images? (I don't mean are they all blind people!) For example from any given locale and possibly a specific ISP? I don't think you have a b2evo problem. Shucks - you might want to go after your validation issues. Some of them were kinda funky. I think they had to do with those wierd little windows that sort of look like chat dialog boxes that seem to want to update constantly.

Hmmm. If parts of your page are always trying to update and other parts (like images) still haven't finished loading maybe the desire to update is killing the download? You could consider wiping out those wierd little boxes instead of limiting posts paged.

Hey has a 30-day autoprune feature for stats. That means your top referers will be reasonably valid for any given time frame - kinda cool, but I guess we'll see if it works in 30 days or so...

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