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1 Sep 23, 2004 22:24    

Simple to do to a table in html... adding another column, but I really don't get this php stuff.

looking through my main.php - I figured it had something to do with the <?php or possibly the <div id =***> but experimenting has led to less than decent results. I have gotten some errors that seemingly point back to the original skin, as if adding another column is not allowed or would take more edits than just the _main.php?

What I am looking to do is add another column to have a sidebar on either side of the posts... Possible??

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds - already helped me out with the font stuff.

C.H. Truth

2 Sep 23, 2004 22:56

Yup. You could do a table but there are some drawbacks. Mostly nothing loads until everything loads. One trick people are doing is to take the main body div and put a two-column table in it, making the sidebar be the third column. But why bother when you can do it purely with CSS?

Check out the [url=]Ality skin[/url]. Wanna do it yourself instead of trying to fix up good old Ality? Check out glish for a [url=]3-columns, all variable-width, full screen[/url] or [url=]3-columns, middle fixed-width, full screen[/url]. When you make something nice are you going to submit it to the skins list? If you do would it have valid xhtml and css? Would it work in a variety of browsers at different screen resolutions? Just curious. Have fun!!!

3 Sep 23, 2004 23:10

I actually looked at that particular skin (ality) but determined that I did not like the fixed column deal... not being that familiar with all this php stuff (more of an html guy) I wasn't really thinking about creating a skin from scratch right now... (but might in the future).

I guess the main question I have is regarding what syntax starts and stops a column or a sidebar (ie: like <td> </td> in html) - and whether or not it is that simple editing one of these skins. IOW... the simplist way to enter a new column on the site without getting errors.

My main webite has plenty of bells and whistles with scrolling text, and lots of java stuff... and some of my 'fans' are looking for more action (i guess). I already got emails in addition to the responses in the comment section (and one phonecall). Most see the new design as too boring... but the old design is a pain in the butt to load and takes a bit of work to update (and the blogging part is all homemade).

I think this is just a learning curve for me... but I have been told that this css/php sort of programing is the way to do...

4 Sep 23, 2004 23:57

The simplest way will be to take a skin (and I highly recommend you download the 'custom' from the skins page instead of the custom that comes with b2evo or any WP-clone) and put a 2-column table inside the main div. Your code will look something like this:

<div class="pageHeader">

<div class="bPosts">
add your two-column table here
put your groovy stuff for your left side bar in your table left column
put the b2evo stuff that makes the posts in your table right column

<div class="bSideBar">

<p class="baseline">
credits and stuff

You then poke through the style sheet and see where the bPosts and bSideBar divs are defined. Each one gets a width and they don't add up to 100% for a reason. Using those numbers you can make your right side be thinner or thicker.

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