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1 Aug 11, 2012 05:32    

This plugin allows any b2evolution user to add previews of websites right in the content of their posts using this format


Users may also "optionally" turn on mouseover previews. No purchase or registration is required to use the plugin.
Optional upgrade enables PRO features such as "Full-length Captures", "Free Width Captures" and "Refresh on Demand".

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- Easily embed website previews in posts
- Flexible caching system allows you to store retrieved screenshots on your server
- Transform post URL link into a thumbshot
- Display custom images for queued or error thumbshots
- Display thumbshot URLs in a safe manner without linking them directly to the target website
- Display mouseover header preview over thumbshots
- Display mouseover pop-up preview over external links in your posts
- Utilize several Thumbshots.RU PRO features

Requires at least b2evolution version 3.0, tested up to v5.0

- Extract the thumbshots_plugin folder on your computer
- Upload the folder to your server in "/plugins" directory
- Go to Settings > Plugins > Install New, and install it like any other b2evolution plugin

2 Jul 05, 2013 07:18

Awesome plugin. Thanks a lot.

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