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1 Sep 04, 2012 20:33    


I'm currently working on a School project and the topic is OSSD. I have selected b2evolution as one of three OSSD projects which I will study in detail.

I have searched all day for the answer to three questions but I can't find the answer on b2evolutions website or in the forums. So I hope someone can help me by answering this message. The questions are as follows:

1. A lot of OSSD projects have a mailing list but b2evolution does not. Why is that?

2. B2evolution is using CVS as it's version control system. Are there any plans of changing version control system to SVN or Git?

3. I have been reading the CVS part of the website and it says "Think of the b2evolution project as a tree, now each version/release of it is a branch of that tree. The latest development build, or the newest branch is called/titled 'HEAD' . Now older branches are titled by their version number, or similiar. Now just like a real tree, branches still grow, this means that even though the developers are working on a new release, they may also be updating previous releases. This is one of the reasons why CVS is used. "
Then I read an aricle from Wikipedia on the topic CVS which said: "CVS assumes that the majority of work takes place on the trunk, and that branches should generally be short-lived or historical. ."

Here's my question: Does the project use branches in an different way than it was intended? Or does the three in the paragraph above represent the trunk of the project that holds the latest stable version?

I was not sure where to publish my message but I hope this place is the right one.

2 Sep 04, 2012 20:58


1- We have very limited number of developers, 1 main dev (fplanque), 1 volunteer (sam2kb), and a few paid workers of the main dev. AFAIK.
So, they do not have time to write proper documentation, let alone newsletters.

sam2kb would better explain 2-3 for you.

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