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1 Nov 10, 2012 14:32    

I'm not sure what's wrong, I had posted an issue on the 7th Nov. which one of our clients were facing with b2evolution installation. But today when I came back to check assuming that I may have received replies about the solutions, I just cannot find it.

So, I went to the profiles page assuming that I may have saved an incorrect URL, and am shocked to see that there are no posts posted by me. What does this mean ? To my understanding, it's probably been removed by someone, and that's the case that it is highly annoying.

Still, considering the possibility that I maybe accessing the wrong area, or because I may have posted in the wrong section (had posted in b2evolution support previously) the thread might have been removed. I'd request the mods/admins to kindly check and help me with answering the client.

Thanks !

2 Nov 11, 2012 00:35

Might be due to suspicion of spam, or simply deleted by mistake.Try reposting, since we cant revive deleted threads.

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