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Un(not)load resources

Started by on Sep 25, 2012 – Contents updated: Sep 25, 2012

Sep 25, 2012 04:27    

Is there a way to make sth like remove_js, remove_css, like require_js and require_css to NOT load (unload) resources that we dont need/want.If not can we add it ?

b2 uses a lot of @import and numerous js files.One might not want them because they are outdated, or simply unnecessary.

For example i may be using b2 3.3 stable, but jquery version would be very outdated a year later, or maybe i dont want jquery UI at all.jquery-ui is a very big load if you dont need it.There are other reaons why i wouldnt want some of the css files also.

Nov 06, 2012 00:29

A lot of effort was put to make v5 load CSS files directly from server rather than calling @import. Plus properly configured server and all modern browsers do a good job caching static files.

jQuery and jQueryUI are only loaded when they are needed. You can replace the files with their newer versions too.

You also have full control of what's loaded in your skin, just remove extra require_css calls

Nov 14, 2012 19:12

All @import are removed in b2evo v5.

So all files are called directly from the skin with require_*() functions.

You can remove anything you don't need. Although I think it's pretty trimmed down already.

(Note: There will be even more optimizations when we implement LESS.)

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