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1 Jan 07, 2005 23:07    

I get a lot of hit spam (sites hitting my monthly archives to get a higher google rank by appearing on my "stats" page).

When I ban and report these websites, I open each ban link (the red circle with a cross through it) in a separate tab (in Firefox). These can take a while to load as the ban and report screen also shows the entire blacklist.

It would be great to either, by default, not display the entire blacklist (have a "display blacklist" button) or to have a setting that can be toggled on an off to display or not display the blacklist.

I guess it could also be shortened alphabetically... so that there was an "A" link, a "B" link, etc. that would open up sections of the blacklist.

best, Joe

2 Jan 08, 2005 11:38

Antispam list will be page on next version I think ;)

3 Mar 21, 2005 04:15

First, I really like the antispam set-up. I have yet to get any comment spam, and the little referral spam I've got has been easy to deal with.

My preference would be to not show the blacklist itself while updating the list and blocking sites. Yes, it takes forever to load, but even if it just showed the first 25 entries, or the As, I don't want to see those words. It's a little embarrassing when someone looks over my shoulder and sees all the domains and words from the blacklist. So I would like to have it not shown by default. I'm sure the devs will do what's best and what works for the most people, but that's my vote.

4 Jul 01, 2005 09:40

Has this been implemented? My blacklist is getting h.u.g.e, and I'm going m.a.d .

Maybe someone could write a hack to put the list in a separate page? I would, but I'm not a php dev.


5 Jul 01, 2005 10:46

next version of b2evo (phoenix) will be released this summer (summer ends 20 september)

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