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1 Sep 24, 2003 17:43    

I'm switching to a new webhost (with one blog) and a new host and a new domain (with another blog). I would like to simultaneously upgrade to the newest edition of b2e, and I'm not very concerned with keeping my current templates, setup, etc.

Basically, then, what I'm wanting to do is install b2evolution fresh on my new domain/host, and somehow keep <em>only the entries</em> from my old blogs. I'm assuming they're stored in the MySQL databases somewhere. Is there somewhere I can transfer MySQL tables from my old blogs to the new blogs? I'm somewhat comfortable with messing with the MySQL tables, but I'm not sure how to transfer a database from one host to another, and I'm not sure if I need to transfer the entire thing, anyway.

Any suggestions would be vastly appreciated. :-) Thanks.

2 Sep 24, 2003 17:51

That simple : or your host have phpMyAdmin, and you make a DUMP, which will save your DB in a file (you may then be able to download it), or you install a DB backup script and you make a DUMP with it.

3 Sep 24, 2003 18:09

Well, I know how to export it in various formats, but I don't know what parts of the DB contain just the posts/categories/comments and are compatible with the new version of b2e, and I don't know how to put that data into a new database on another server.

4 Sep 24, 2003 19:38

Um so u need to save evo_*** tables in your DB. Then use phpmyadmin to import the file you had when you backuped it. And remember : u need to import all your old DB and then to run the upgrade script.

5 Sep 24, 2003 20:25

When you do a dump in phpmyadmin, make sure you select structure AND data. Then just upload the .sql file, and it'll work. You will need to hunt through some of the entries in the settings stuff to change the domain setting though.

6 Sep 24, 2003 20:47

Thank you all so much! :D I appreciate it.

7 Oct 04, 2005 19:46

Does this also transfer categories and such? Is this a complete transfer?

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