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1 Feb 03, 2005 00:39    

Is there a way I can hide the post date in certain blogs? A variable or something I can put in _main.php?

2 Feb 03, 2005 09:44

you can make a copie of the skin you want.
And in the 'skin-without-a-post-date' you can delete this date part.

3 Mar 05, 2005 09:44

I've almost found the solution to my problem. I've added this to _main.php:

<?php if($disp != 'posts') { $Item->issue_date();  } ?>

So, the date will display one the "more" page.

Thing is, this is the opposite of what I want to do. I want the date to only be displayed on the main page of the site, not on the "more" pages.

I assume I just need to change 'posts' to something else. What do I need to change it to?

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