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1 Feb 04, 2005 12:38    

When I post a message the select the option to pingback the URL's in the post, than I get the following error message:-

Notice: Undefined index: path in \\********\b2evocore\_functions_pingback.php on line 100

And line 100 of _functions_pingback.php is

elseif(($test['path'] != '/') && ($test['path'] != '')) 

Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to fix it?



2 Feb 04, 2005 23:56




4 Feb 06, 2005 04:26

Do trackbacks work? It could be that your host has disabled external requests in php.

5 Feb 06, 2005 10:56

I am getting a very similar error message for Trackbacks as well.

Thanks for the reply.


6 Feb 06, 2005 14:37

I'd contact your host then, because these features are well documented as working. You might want to delete your admin, b2evocore and htsrv folders and re-uploading them to make sure you uploaded the files correctly. I couldn't know since you haven't posted the exact error.

7 Feb 07, 2005 05:19

Thanks for the reply Graham.

Here is a complete error message.

Sending pingbacks...
Connect to server at:

Notice: ob_end_flush(): failed to delete and flush buffer. No buffer to delete or flush. in \\********\b2evocore\_functions_pingback.php on line 141
Pingback server not found in headers and content

Connect to server at:

Notice: ob_end_flush(): failed to delete and flush buffer. No buffer to delete or flush. in \*********\b2evocore\_functions_pingback.php on line 141

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in \\**********\b2evocore\_functions_pingback.php on line 150

What can be done about this?

If I contact my host, what question should I be asking him?



8 Feb 07, 2005 10:41

Basically the script is timing out. I don't know why it would. Just ask them if they've disabled trackbacks and pingbacks from their server, and if they say yes, get another host!

9 Feb 16, 2005 12:33

Graham, I asked my host and they said that they don't support pingbacks and trackbacks. Is there a work around this without changing the host?



10 Feb 16, 2005 19:01

Im not graham, however, i can answer your question and say no, there isnt.

change hosts.

your host has disallowed opening sockets with php, its a lame security thing that hosts that dont know any better like to do. granted there are a few things that *might* be malicious that one can do with fsockopen (php sockets), it (the closing of them) gets in the way more than it helps. Besides to wreak havok you really have to know what youre doing.

that restriction will also keep you from displaying external RSS feeds on your site, for instance, since most of the scripts that do it depend on opening a socket.

its like an ISP giving you a cable modem without the connection to the internet. how do you get around that? you get another ISP, in this case, a real one.

11 Feb 17, 2005 02:26

Whoo--> Thanks for the reply.

Some problems with changing hosts are, there are not many hosts that provide this much space and bandwith ( I am with If you know better hosts than please do let me know. Also as my domain name was registered through brinkster guys, they said they cannot transfer my domain to any other place till the first two months.

Would there be a work around this? I read this post on the blog Do you think implementing the utility that this guy wrote will help (Sorry now a developer,it's hard for me to read and understand the code :D )?

Thanks again,


12 Feb 17, 2005 02:43

How much space and bandwidth do have at the mo? it would help if we are to help you find same or better :D

Also I wouldn't worry about the immediate domain transfer if you do switch hosts - you can always set up a redirection for the short term and transfer as soon as they allow.

I am not a developer either so I don't know if solitudes thing will help...

13 Feb 17, 2005 02:50

They offer me 1 GB of space and 30 GB of bandwith ( I use this bandwith for other business than my blog).



14 Feb 17, 2005 03:18

Ah I see - that is a lot of space and bandwidth....

Have you thought about just moving your blog to a different host - presumably you don't need trackback pingback for your main site so you wouldn't need to move the whole shebang.

16 Feb 17, 2005 13:50

tejaaa wrote:

They offer me 1 GB of space and 30 GB of bandwith ( I use this bandwith for other business than my blog).



my host, lunarpages, gives you 1GB of space, and 40GB of traffic for the same amount you are paying now -- AND they have NO restrictions on php, scripts, etc..

17 Feb 18, 2005 00:09

Whoo, I checked out the website and their deal sounds good. Do you host your own blog there? Also if you do than give me your details so I can pass on your details as referrer when I signup with them.

What are your reviews about the host?



18 Feb 18, 2005 00:24


all in all, i give them a 9.5 out of 10 -- they had DNS issues for a few days last month, but they were quick to resolve the problems. they recently moved all of thier servers to the one of the best linked buildings on the west coast, and since then everything has been perfect.

the nice thing is that are virtually no restrictions on what you can and cannot do, within the law obviously, with your site, scripts, etc..

yes i have my domain(s) hosted there. they have cpanel and fantastico available, though I didnt use it for any of my blog installs.

i will pm you a link for the affiliate clickthrough, and I appreciate that tons

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