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1 Feb 09, 2005 04:04    

How I can add a table chart in my post? Thank you for helping

2 Feb 09, 2005 18:20

Not sure what you mean by "table chart"

(1) If you mean like an Excel CHART ... I often just make a screen dump & add the resulting image - after converting it to a GIF or JPG & getting the size/resolution the way I want.

(2) If you mean a TABLE, as in "<table><tr><td>" and all that, I believe that you can just type in the code. The HTML checker should pass it through, as I believe I saw those tags in the _formatting.php file. (Can't say for certain tho, cause I'm OFF tables ... finished, finito) - Do it with DIVS instead, unless I've got scads of tablular data.

3 Feb 10, 2005 03:48

Thank you STK, I think I better convert my chart to image as <table></table> code don't wokr properly

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