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1 Feb 10, 2005 07:21    

Hey all,
I've recently just started exploring/getting used to/using, etc php blogs and the like and have come across an issue that I can't seem to troubleshoot on my own.

I've got a couple subdomains, in addition to my main domain, running b2evolution. The trick is that the images for the admin menu and skins and the like all work fine on the main domain page, but aren't showing up for some reason or another on the subdomains... I was originally willing to attribute it to issues with my host, but after about a week and no resolution from them I'm not so sure anymore.

Anybody have any ideas?

2 Feb 12, 2005 18:22

OK, on a related issue... I think I've managed to fix the issues I was talking about in my last post, but I'm not entirely sure. What I've done is moved the other blogs to the main domain URL and setup different blogs there as opposed to having different installations the catch now is that I can't change the skin on just one of the blogs.

What I'd like to be able to do is have a different default skin set up for the different blogs and I thought I knew how to do this, but apparently I don't. For instance I want the main blog to have the guadelope skin, the next one to have the bluesky skin, and the last to have the custom skin; all set to default without having to change the skin after loading the new blog.

Any ideas or am I just wasting space on the forum?

3 Feb 12, 2005 20:16

b2evo doesn't handle subdomains well. Seems like it's coming, but that doesn't help now. Anyway you've got two things going on here. The subdomain issue can be handled with a sledgehammer by putting a new installation of b2evo in each subdomain's folder, calling the same MySQL database, but using new table names for it. That would be covered in conf/_advanced.php in the section for "DB table names". Just change that file to call the tables (for example) "evo2_blahblah" before you run the installer on each new subdomain.

The skins thing is wierd. I use multiple blogs from one domain name and each has it's own skin set up in the back office with skin switching disabled on each, and it works the way one would expect. So do you have skin switching off (uncheck the box) in the back office? Then again this might also be due to working around subdomains, but I don't know really. If you're using stub files you can force a skin in the stub with "$skin = 'whatever'".

Oh if you go with multiple installations sharing a database you would also need to change another parameter in conf/_advanced: "$b2evo_name". It's used for cookies, so each subdomain would want it's own cookies. Default is 'b2evo' so you change it to match what you changed the table names to.

Hope it helps...

4 Feb 13, 2005 07:25

I actually managed to figure out a way around the subdomain image issue thing using URL redirection and the like, kinda sloppy, but it works and gets the job done, so I'm happy with it for the moment.

I went through and made sure that skin switching was disabled on the different blogs and apparently that was my problem. Works as expected now. Thanks much!

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