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1 Feb 10, 2005 12:16    

I've grabbed Edb's recent posts hack, and it seems to be working great (thanks Edb!). I was just wondering if there is anyway I might tweak it to do a few different things, to basically turn it into a preview of the other blogs in the public list (ideally).
1) Show a given number of recent posts just from blogs other than the one the visitor is currently in (just the ones in the public list, if possible).

2) Show the dates posts were made (preferably in a MO/DY/YR format, just to conserve space) -- mostly just so visitors could see at a glance how recent the posts are/if there's anything new.

3) Just for formating's sake, have a subheader (underneath whatever title is used for the recent posts item in the sidebar) that tells which blog the posts are in -- sort of the way the linkblog works (which I'll be looking at here in a moment).

I know very little about php (more interpreting/tweaking existing code than writing it myself), and virtually nothing about sql, so I'm not sure just how big a job this would be. If anyone would be willing/able to help me out with these, that'd be awesome.

2 Feb 12, 2005 00:54

Still wondering if anyone could help me with this :)

3 Feb 12, 2005 02:37

Yeah sure. Be kinda neat. Never thought about it that way. Date is probably easy. Showing recent stuff from elswhere is weird but in a groovy sort of way. Yeah. Weird is good.

4 Feb 12, 2005 06:11

Funny how things work out. Date wasn't all that easy but "everywhere but here" was like walking through a piece of cake. I'll write it up and post it in plugins and hacks tomorrow cuz I'm tired right now.

5 Feb 12, 2005 11:21

Awesome! You rock :D Thanks a lot!

7 Feb 12, 2005 20:05

I... uh... sorta jumped the gun a bit and missed a detail. Here's what I got so far, and if it's good enough I'll publish it. Otherwise I'll see about getting it all up to speed.

I can sort by allblogs or thisblog or otherblogs, where otherblogs means posts not in this blog. Any sort method can include the date published (as well as the author, # of comments if any, and the main category). The date defaults to the blog locale format but you can put any format you like in it. What I didn't do was make it sort out the posts by blog the way the linkblog sorts out posts by category. In other words whatever sort method you use will still give you only one list of items. I'm pretty sure it's doable (making it list Recent Posts then BlogA with it's posts and BlogB with it's posts), but I'm not there at all.

8 Feb 12, 2005 20:51

Heh, well that's a helluva lot further than I ever would've gotten on my own :) Thanks for taking the time to figure it out! I'm reading around on to try and learn more about it, so maybe I'll experiment a bit and see what I can come up with for sorting.

9 Feb 13, 2005 04:14

Once again, I got it and will post it tomorrow (tomorrow - I'll post it tomorrow, as long as the feds don't take me a-way). That's what happens when I use alkahaul - I can code but I can't type. Go figure. Anyways I've reached a point where you can exclude or include the current blog (whatever it may be) and exclude a specified list of blogs (whether your visitor is in that blog or not). It links the blog shortname to the blog and provides a list of recent posts in that blog. Tested and found functional, though I tested on blog 1 and excluded it (because I don't post in blog 1).

Aw what the heck. I'll copy/paste it into plugins and hacks now just in case they do come to git me tomorrow.

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