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1 Feb 11, 2005 16:35    

Hello Folks- I started this blog in January, but if i want to archive by week, the archive list only seems to show THIS week and ignore the rest:

What did I do wrong?

Thank you :D

2 Feb 11, 2005 16:40

Maybe nothing. You should upgrade. If I remember correctly, some of the fixes from v0.9.0.10 to v0.9.0.11 were in the weekly archive stuff.

3 Feb 11, 2005 16:52

So that alone will fix it? Is there a way to upgrade without having to customize the skin?

Thank you

4 Feb 11, 2005 17:37

you can keep the skins
nothing changed in them

5 Feb 12, 2005 08:00

I'm still not entirely sure how to upgrade

It is easier (and safer) to install a fresh copy, and just transfer over the template and the posts? I'm a newbie

6 Feb 12, 2005 08:20

Your connection speed will make the difference. Basically save your skin folder to your local PC, and save your conf folder as well. All you really need is conf/_config for your dbconnection stuff, but it's a small folder. Anyway you then delete all the files from your server. From admin to xmlsrv - gone! Now you re-upload the new version, then re-upload your skin into the skins folder. You also take the new version of conf/_config and add edit in the old information from your old version. Your dbconnection stuff (4 lines), your base url and admin email (1 line each), and you tell it "config_is_done = 1", then upload the shiny new conf/_config file.

Also you delete the install folder from the server! Oh and before you upgrade you get the security patches from the news item on b2evo's main page (top right area) so's you got that deal squared away.

Anyway now you log in and all is well again. You will barely notice any difference, except for your archives will work. (I hope).

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