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1 Feb 11, 2005 20:08    

I have a number of users on my site that each have their own blogs. I would like to be able to disable some of the tabs in the admin screens.

Specifically, I want to disable the blogs, user profile and tools tabs, since I would like to control that information elsewhere in my site. But I still need them to have access to the write, edit and categories tabs.

Any help on where to start looking at this would be much appreciated.

Thanks! :?:

2 Feb 11, 2005 21:16

:D I figured it out.

I needed to edit _menutop.php.

The edits are pretty simple, so when there is an upgrade I should be able to redo the changes if needed.

Having the ability to not allow access to those tabs by the admin might be a nice feature though.

3 Feb 15, 2005 21:25

are u still able to edit from the admin account

4 Feb 15, 2005 22:40

When I edited/deleted the admin source I allways did a test on being admin.

if(  $current_User->get( 'ID' ) == 1  ) 
{ // user is admin 

5 Feb 16, 2005 04:19

adu wrote:

are u still able to edit from the admin account

Yes, I did what Topanga illustrated. I check if the user is an admin or not and then only displayed the options if the user is an admin.

Of course if someone is familiar with b2 (as many are) then they could call the admin/b2blogs.php module directly through the URL once they have logged in.

So, I will have to also have some code in their to check if they are admin and then redirect them to another page or display a message if they are not an admin.

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