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1 Feb 14, 2005 03:46    

after i install this blog,
it looks like Chinese working:
but when i have a new post or revise old posts or blog title or chinese username,
Chinese is not working.
can anyone help me?
thanks in advance !!

3 Feb 14, 2005 07:21

jimmy wrote:

I can't understand what your problem definitely. There are four sectors to adjust your language, all of that should be set before you post. You can check it first, and something you can see here.

yes, i did set all of the 4 parts, but not working.
I will send you a testing id and password via a private message.
Please log in and try to post a message in Chinese.
Or change the user's lastname in Chinese.
You will see the problem.
Thanks a lot!!

By the way, i also ask a question in Chinese on your blog. thanks!

4 Nov 18, 2005 14:45

I have the same problem, who can give me a hand, pls?

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