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1 Feb 18, 2005 19:58

Let me know what you think. I set this up for my dad, it has been a great communication tool for him. the skin is based on the wpc_metaldreams skin, with very minor php mods, a couple minor changes to the background and header to match up with the rest of the site.

I used b2 because the hosting provider had it available on the webserver already, made install very easy, and I have poked around to get set up properly. I have not done any blogging before, and am rather new to web design in general. I found it to be a very intuitive engine, and the support available from this site, and also from has been invaluable.

any suggestions or criticism are welcome, just remember, I don't know what I'm doing.

2 Feb 19, 2005 04:19

Whilst I am not a great fan of the metal dreams skin I have to agree that it does fit in well with the rest of the site.

I think it is great that you have done this for your dad - and why would we be hard on you? You are just discovering how rewarding setting up the blog is... :D

I do have a couple of points - I hope they are constructive...

The image to the main web site doesn't scale down too well - the text is unreadable. I don't think that it would look out of place at full size and centered on the page - with 'Riding the Circuit' centered underneath it. It would make it fit seamlessly with the rest of the site.

The calendar is a little hard to read placed directly over the background - perhaps you could set the background for the calendar to white - or even to #858384 (the neutral grey that is in the background) and change the text to white - it would make it look quite stunning I think.

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