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1 Feb 04, 2005 01:57    

Hello All,
Let me start by telling you all how much I have been liking b2evolution engine since I had a look at it 2 days back. I did a blog engine comparision and had my initial stop at WordPress (Seeing that many people whom I knew were using it). The installation was painfull and after 7 days of troubleshooting attempt, I decided that it was time for me to move onto another engine. I started looking again and b2evolution blogging engine was the nearest software that matched my criterias.

I looked at the features and did an installation of the software on the server. Bang, just two steps and it was done. I could not believe it, so just to have the fun, I tried installing it 3 times.

Tweaking the site took around 1 day and here I am telling you about my site today. You can site my site at

The thing that I am going to do now is edit the template a bit so I can put ads and stuff like that on the side bars. If there are any other suggestion, than please let me know.


Tejas Patel

2 Feb 07, 2005 02:38

Nice! I like the thing on top left with the pop-outs.

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