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1 Feb 19, 2005 23:30    


my questions seems rather foolish, but I dont find the possibility to write a blog with user in the bloggers group. :-( I did find a "trick" a couple of minutes ago, but I cant believe that it goes like this:
1. login with the user
2. Click on the "admin" button
3. Click on the button with the user's name right next to: "Write new blog: [Marek]"

I remember reading anything like this on the main page: "Instant blogging.
Type something in the web interface, hit "Blog this!" and it's on your site!"

Well, how can I do this? Unfortunately, I cant find anything in the docu about it.

2 Feb 19, 2005 23:45

It's in the admin section, under tools the url would look like this
Then click on the 'B2Evo' side bar link. You can access it from where ever you are on the net by clicking on your favourites list. It should be called 'B2Evo Sidebar' just click on it and post away, my friend.

4 Feb 20, 2005 19:17

Hey, no problem. It's what you and me are here for.

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