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1 Feb 19, 2005 23:56    

Just wondering if it's possible to link the b2evo_users database to phpBB's registered users database? If it is could someone PUHLEASE show me how to do it? I really would like to do this, but I... well frankly, I suck at MySql :oops: . Please and thanks.

2 Feb 20, 2005 03:37

HELP!! I really need this anwsered! Please please please?!

3 Feb 25, 2005 03:38

I would like to see this, too. But I don't think I know enough to come up with a solution myself.

4 Feb 25, 2005 14:26

Search for phpbb I'm fairly sure I read someone had done this as a hack...

5 Feb 25, 2005 14:34

I've taken a look at my phpbb_users table and my evo_users table.

Assuming all of the fields used in b2evo exist in phpbb then it should simply be a straight swap.

Field  	Type   	Null  	Default
ID  	int(10) 	No  	 
user_login  	varchar(20) 	No  	 
user_pass  	varchar(32) 	No  	 
user_firstname  	varchar(50) 	No  	 
user_lastname  	varchar(50) 	No  	 
user_nickname  	varchar(50) 	No  	 
user_icq  	int(10) 	No  	0 
user_email  	varchar(100) 	No  	 
user_url  	varchar(100) 	No  	 
user_ip  	varchar(15) 	No  	 
user_domain  	varchar(200) 	No  	 
user_browser  	varchar(200) 	No  	 
dateYMDhour  	datetime 	No  	0000-00-00 00:00:00 
user_level  	int(10) 	No  	0 
user_aim  	varchar(50) 	No  	 
user_msn  	varchar(100) 	No  	 
user_yim  	varchar(50) 	No  	 
user_locale  	varchar(20) 	No  	en-EU 
user_idmode  	varchar(20) 	No  	login 
user_notify  	tinyint(1) 	No  	1 
user_grp_ID  	int(4) 	No  	1 

Field  	Type   	Null  	Default
user_id  	mediumint(8) 	No  	0 
user_active  	tinyint(1) 	Yes  	1 
username  	varchar(25) 	No  	 
user_password  	varchar(32) 	No  	 
user_session_time  	int(11) 	No  	0 
user_session_page  	smallint(5) 	No  	0 
user_lastvisit  	int(11) 	No  	0 
user_regdate  	int(11) 	No  	0 
user_level  	tinyint(4) 	Yes  	0 
user_posts  	mediumint(8) 	No  	0 
user_timezone  	decimal(5,2) 	No  	0.00 
user_style  	tinyint(4) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_lang  	varchar(255) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_dateformat  	varchar(14) 	No  	d M Y H:i 
user_new_privmsg  	smallint(5) 	No  	0 
user_unread_privmsg  	smallint(5) 	No  	0 
user_last_privmsg  	int(11) 	No  	0 
user_emailtime  	int(11) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_viewemail  	tinyint(1) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_attachsig  	tinyint(1) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_allowhtml  	tinyint(1) 	Yes  	1 
user_allowbbcode  	tinyint(1) 	Yes  	1 
user_allowsmile  	tinyint(1) 	Yes  	1 
user_allowavatar  	tinyint(1) 	No  	1 
user_allow_pm  	tinyint(1) 	No  	1 
user_allow_viewonline  	tinyint(1) 	No  	1 
user_notify  	tinyint(1) 	No  	1 
user_notify_pm  	tinyint(1) 	No  	0 
user_popup_pm  	tinyint(1) 	No  	0 
user_rank  	int(11) 	Yes  	0 
user_avatar  	varchar(100) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_avatar_type  	tinyint(4) 	No  	0 
user_email  	varchar(255) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_icq  	varchar(15) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_website  	varchar(100) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_from  	varchar(100) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_sig  	text 	Yes  	NULL 
user_sig_bbcode_uid  	varchar(10) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_aim  	varchar(255) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_yim  	varchar(255) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_msnm  	varchar(255) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_occ  	varchar(100) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_interests  	varchar(255) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_actkey  	varchar(32) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_newpasswd  	varchar(32) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_from_flag  	varchar(25) 	Yes  	 
user_autospell  	tinyint(1) 	Yes  	0 
user_wordwrap  	smallint(2) 	No  	70 
user_warnings  	smallint(5) 	Yes  	0 
user_effects  	varchar(255) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_privs  	varchar(255) 	Yes  	NULL 
user_custitle  	text 	Yes  	NULL 
user_specmsg  	text 	Yes  	NULL 
user_items  	text 	Yes  	NULL 
user_trade  	text 	Yes  	NULL 
user_ou_sig  	tinyint(1) 	Yes  	1 
user_ou_avatar  	tinyint(1) 	Yes  	1 
user_points  	decimal(11,2) 	No  	0.00 

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