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1 Feb 22, 2005 06:01    

I'm trying to put together a visio database diagram so I can get a better handle on how the data is organized. One question so far without diving into the code to extract all the sql statements. It seems that posts (evo_posts) can have multiple categories via the evo_postcats table which leaves a field on evo_posts called post_category as being redundant. Does that seem right?


2 Feb 22, 2005 09:10

the field post_categorie hold the main categorie for that post.
All the records you will find in evo_postcats, are the 'surplusses'

You can find the database-schema on :

3 Feb 22, 2005 14:43

Thanks. Visio will generate a ddl for my changes. Great to have the base thought.


4 Feb 22, 2005 15:53

There's quite a few new tables and relationships in this schema since it's labelled as supporting the 9.2 branch. I see some possible plugin work, new tables for links and files.

I want to work on a couple items that matter to me though I'll add them to the project. I need the user signup/registration system and I'd like users to be able to custom theme their blog independently and to control the structure of the pages in a more flexible manner. How can I tell what's being worked on and dialog on make my changes fit into the global project?



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