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1 Feb 22, 2005 19:40    

Installed, no problem. Everything looked good. Great even. Then I tried to make my first post...

"Supplied URL is invalid: Invalid URL"


So I searched your forums and found this:

Now that's the problem I'm having. I tried the 12345 thing and that post worked. Great, right? Well, it seems I can only post messages that have 12345 as the subject, because I'm still getting the same error when I try and post other stuff. Thoughts?

2 Feb 22, 2005 20:44

what other stuff are you trying?

please tell us what you are entering in which field.

3 Feb 22, 2005 20:52

Just general subject lines and text. Sometimes it works... most often it doesn't, and I can't find any commonality as to why.

4 Feb 25, 2005 05:56

I am having the same problem,.

"Supplied URL is invalid: Invalid URL"

When I press 'save' but it will be ok if I press 'preview'

Plz help


5 Feb 25, 2005 08:55

the triggers for that error are here:

#: ..\..\..\admin\edit_actions.php:Line 100
#: ..\..\..\admin\edit_actions.php:Line 206
#: ..\..\..\admin\edit_actions.php:Line 445
#: ..\..\..\htsrv\comment_post.php:Line 63
#: ..\..\..\htsrv\trackback.php:Line 63
#: ..\..\..\xmlsrv\xmlrpc.php:Line 1368

Lines 100 and 206 of edit_actions.php, and whats around them, read, respectively:

// CHECK and FORMAT content
		$post_renderers = $Plugins->validate_list( $renderers );
		$post_title = format_to_post($post_title,0,0);
		if( $error = validate_url( $post_url, $allowed_uri_scheme ) )
			$Messages->add( T_('Supplied URL is invalid: ').$error );


// CHECK and FORMAT content
		$post_title = format_to_post( $post_title, 0, 0 );
		if( $error = validate_url( $post_url, $allowed_uri_scheme ) )
			$Messages->add( T_('Supplied URL is invalid: ').$error );

Just to make sure -- the allowed uri_scheme is :

$allowed_uri_scheme = array


the other problem would be the post_url which is related to the baseurl like someone mentioned in the other thread .. check that you do not have a trailing / in your $baseurl

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