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1 Feb 23, 2005 06:12    

All of a sudden the blog has changed the default home page on me. I was using the default.php and had (and still have) no blogs set as the default page. Yet now the Blog All has set itself as the default index page and I can't get it to switch back. The site is for fishermen who aren't that familiar with blogs so the default page was edited to show them how to do everything. It ran fine after all the edits to the dfault page. The only thing I have done since then is remove the 'Categories' section from the _main.php file in the skin I'm using since I could see that getting unruly as the number of blogs increased it was going to make the page a mile long.
Could it be that edit? Is there a MySQL query I can do to reset the default page?

BTW..this whole software all made sense all at once in a dream after struggling with it for two nights. I know I know I'm a geek if I dream solutions to coding problems.

2 Feb 23, 2005 07:09

I altered the default_blog_ID in the evo_settings in PhpMyAdmin and fixed her up.
Still have no idea why that happened and why it would not correct itself. Is there a way to lock this into the database? Would setting it as null do it?

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