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1 Feb 23, 2005 06:59    

I did my due dilegence on reading various forum postings and instructions. If the answers to my questions are already there, it is only my own ignorance in not understanding it.

I would like to add my own navigation menu to b2. This navigation is currently an html file. I am trying to create an interactive extended family web site where the "home page" is the blog.

My navigation menu, html doc contains lots of rollovers etc. I would like this to be on the very top of the blog.

I tried creating a home page were I do a php include to call up the navigation menu and a php include to call up the blog index file. This actually works but I run into some problems with some skins overlaying the images in the navigation.

I also run into "headers already sent" problems.
I also run into links back to the blog not going to the home page.

I am looking for the best suggestions on how to do this without running into "headers already sent problems.

Would it be best to include the navigation page in a skin?
Would it be best to include the navigation page in a index file or stub file?
I am not totally clear on what a stub file is.
Would I insert or "require once" the navigation page in another b2 file?

By the way, I would like to have multiblogs; a blog for the 60 nieces and nephews, a blog for the woman etc.

I am moderately new at this but my objective is to make it easy enough where my 78 year old father can use the blog while he is snowbirding in the south.

Thanks in advance for any help.
If I do not get back with you right away, it is because I am out of town for a few days.

2 Feb 23, 2005 14:01

Easy Breezy. B2evo does the header thing so rip the header stuff out of your including page - all you will need from it is everything inside the BODY tags. That ought to fix your header already sent thing.

You asked too much. Now I have to scroll down and think again then try to remember while scrolling up. blech.

Oh okay. Are you using skins? Stubs only matter if you're using stubs, then all they really are is files with a name and a couple of variables in them. In fact you could have a stub with only one variable - the blog number, but that one is required for a stub to be a stub. Anyway it only matters if you are using stubs, and if you are it isn't where you would put this whatever you called it thing.

I get it now. You're doing it backwards - let b2evo make the page instead of making a page that includes b2evo. Much easier that way. Once you do that and get rid of everything except the BODY section from your navigation dealie page you can put an include (or require) in your skins/skinname/_main.php file and expect it to work. If you have javascripts in your nav-doc head section just move them to your _main.php head section. A groovy benefit to this is that you can then use the divs and styles found in your skin and apply them to your nav-whopper, meaning tweaking the skin will tweak the navinator.

Multiple blogs is just a matter of creating more blogs. Probably easiest to not use stub files because each blog needs a stub, but it's not like a stub is hard to write... Open "charlie.php", edit the line that says $blog = 12; to say $blog = 58; and save it as "nancy.php", then on your blogs tab for blog #58 tell it you are using a stub and tell it the stub is called "nancy.php". I like stubs. Stubs are cool.

Oh and if you want to allow skin switching you'll have to do the same mod to the _main.php for each skin. Just the way it is.

3 Feb 23, 2005 19:49

We put our own navigation straight onto the b2evo page, as a header DIV. The code was pretty straight forward and added directly to the _main.php file:

<body id="body">
<?php include("") ?>

<div id="main">

[url=]Have a look[/url] and you can see for yourself. Right-click and look at the code (you can figure out what's in the randsMenu.ssi file that way).

Should be pretty straight forward. Good luck. :)

4 Feb 24, 2005 06:07

Thanks Mr. Easy Beezy and Mr. STK.

What I want to do is what Mr. STK did.

I will work on this some more when I get back in town.

Once again, thanks for your help.

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