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1 Feb 23, 2005 18:16    

I want each blog to be in their own folder.

For example:
Blog All: /index.php
Blog A: /bloga/index.php
Blog B: /blogb/index.php

However, when I set each blog to be in their own folder thier URLs wind up being:
Blog All: /index.php
Blog A: /bloga/index.php?blog=2
Blog B: /blogb/index.php?blog=3

Is what I'm looking to do impossible or am I missing something simple?

Thanks for the help. :)

3 Feb 23, 2005 20:12

I'm not looking to strip the *.php extension from the files, just have each blog in thier own folders. When I put each blog in its own folder the way I did above, I get 404s.

4 Feb 23, 2005 20:44

b2evo doesn't do folders. All your files are kept in the b2evo structure and all your content is kept in the database. If you absolutely insist on using folders you have to install b2evo in each folder. They can share a database, but you will want to tweak the table names and cookie names in conf/_advanced.php.

$b2evo_name = 'b2evo';

handles the cookies. Let your main installation be what it is, but before you actually install a second or third make up a new cookie name.

Same for the table names.

 * database tables' names
 * (change them if you want to have multiple b2's in a single database)
$tableposts      = 'evo_posts';

is pretty straightforward. I did a foldered installation and used "evo2_posts" and so on for all the table names. Now my cookies are seperated and my single database has twice as many tables as normal.

5 Feb 23, 2005 20:56

Ah. Thank you both. :)

6 Feb 23, 2005 21:00

One thing I forgot to say was stripping the PHP off makes it *look* like everything is in folders. The only reason I did the second installation was because one of my highly linked sections was in a folder and I didn't want to break that.

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