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1 Feb 26, 2005 11:19    

I'm trying to set up my own blog, and when I tried to pingback one of my own posts, I got the following error:

Anslut till server:
Pingback-server hittad i Pingback tagg:
Sidan ?r l?nkad till:
Sidan ?r l?nkad fr?n:
Fj?rrfel: Invalid return payload: enabling debugging to examine incoming payload (2)

(Server name censored, not really xxx)

I'm using the newest version of b2evo and PHP 4.3.10.

Anyone who knows how to fix the problem???

2 Feb 26, 2005 11:24


my guess would be that your using those wierd ( ? etc..) (pardon my ethnocentricity) chars in your post titles, and your blog doesnt like them, try a post in english see if that works -- thats a start. nevermind I guess "bra" and "test" are in English ;)

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