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1 Oct 08, 2003 16:10    

Is anyone working with Finnish translation of b2evo?

2 Oct 08, 2003 16:20

Not yet.

Please feel free to do so and contribute the language file to the project ;)

3 Oct 09, 2003 10:38

fplanque wrote:

Please feel free to do so and contribute the language file to the project ;)

Well... Let's see. I installed poEdit and right now I'm inspecting Swedish translation. (If Swedes have done it - also Finns have to ;) ) There is a HUGE amount of strings to translate, but at least the program seems to be very easy to use. Only problem is that I'm not very talented with technical vocabulary (most of the used computer terms have never been even translated to finnish). And finnish language is always the tricky one to translate...

So, if there is anyone more experienced wanting to make the finnish translation, just feel free! If no-one is interested, I might start the work if I can find enough free time and power.

Until that, all the 5 million finnish people are holding their breath until finnish localized b2evo will be released.

4 Feb 19, 2004 15:51

I've just started translating b2evolution to Finnish. Let's see how it goes. ;)

[Please, let me know if someone else has already started..!]

5 Feb 19, 2004 16:05

Yes, please do! You can just mail it to Francois or me when you feel like it, we'll take partial translations too. :)


6 May 16, 2004 09:15

Is this translation project still alive?
It would be nice to know before I will start my own... ;)

7 May 16, 2004 10:25

It's not, bellboy, please start your own! :)

And if you send it to me today, it will be in the .9 release ;)

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