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1 Oct 11, 2003 21:29    

Hi there! I've almost finished a Norwegian (bokmål - I won't touch nynorsk with a 10 foot pole :lol:) translation, I just have to sort out about 80 uncertainties in the translations first.

Will this be included in the next release?


2 Oct 11, 2003 22:51

Sure! If you send it to me it will definitely be included. :D

Also for all of you, I do not mind if you send incomplete translations and finish them up later. Partly translated language files actually do help some users and as far as I am concerned, the integration process is quick and easy. So feel free to update as often as you like.

3 Oct 11, 2003 23:29

Okay, then. I'll mail you the .po file right away. Here are the changes I made to _locales.php:

I added this to the first array:

	'no' => NT_('Norwegian'),

and this to the second:

	'nb_NO' => array( // Bokmål, Norway	
									'charset' => 'iso-8859-1',
									'datefmt' => 'd.m.y',
									'timefmt' => 'H:i:s',	

Most of the missing translations are related to pop3 functions. I'm not sure whether you want me to translate the "pop3 top:", "pop3 send_cmd:" stuff or not. I've also commented some of the fuzzy translations, you might want to look at them.


4 Oct 12, 2003 00:08

Oops, that's supposed to be

 'nb' => NT_('Norwegian Bokmål'), 

in the first array


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