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1 Feb 28, 2005 08:27    

I get 15-20 direct (ie. unreferred) hits a day on *non-existent* empty pages far in the future, 2006, 2008, or in the past, 2000, 2001 etc. Would anyone know what this is all about?

I don't employ the referrer stats on any pages, so there's no possibility to gain a link for the referrer spammers.

2 Feb 28, 2005 10:06

That doesn't mean they won't spam you. They spam every site they can find, since it's easier to write a script that does every site than one that is selective.

3 Feb 28, 2005 10:31

True enough, I take your point, and also why they would head for obscure pages - I was just checking whether in this case they are simply wasting a small amount of my bandwidth, or were able to do more...

4 Feb 28, 2005 10:40

I don't know why they would got for dates in 2006, but many people do have archives that start in 2000.

5 Mar 01, 2005 01:09

looking for posts in the future is nothing new -- its been exploited in the past in wordpress ( and has since been corrected).

the idea was to insert comment spam before the post was actually made -- the post is made with the web site owner unaware of the comment spam, and you have immediate comment spam. with the post

very normal, ignore it, block it, whatever... its "normal" spam behavior.

6 Mar 01, 2005 08:47

whoo wrote:

very normal, ignore it, block it, whatever... its "normal" spam behavior.

Indeed, that's what I thought. And it would be a bit much to write a whole hack against it, so I won't bother, just do some blocking. Largely pointless, but it cheers the soul.

Thanks for your assistance...

7 Mar 01, 2005 13:33

Eventually normal search engines will go there too. Maybe. Your calendar will link to the beginning and end of time, so anything that follows links will, well, follow links. I thought there was something in the bug report forum about this but I can't find it right now.

8 Mar 05, 2005 18:43

Google bot, and Yahoo Slurb, are navegating and indexing around 1989, and 2020,
where obviously there is no posts.

: (

Why calendar offers link to dates where have no content?

9 Mar 06, 2005 13:49

henrique wrote:

Why calendar offers link to dates where have no content?

It's a known bug.

10 Mar 06, 2005 20:44

henrique wrote:

Google bot, and Yahoo...

I'd be a bit surprised if it were search engine crawlers - these were direct hits I was referring to.

11 Mar 07, 2005 04:04

Direct hits are totally possible due to the known calendar bug. Go to your blog and you can click the calendar to the beginning and end of time, or at least the beginning and end as far as MySQL is concerned.

12 Mar 07, 2005 11:07

I see what you mean - I thought *direct* was meaning by straight http GET, ie. a user bookmark, or (here) a bot loaded with a likely search hits routine. Googlebot, Inktomi etc. have to be pointed, so where does it lose the referrer link and become counted as a direct access?

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