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1 Mar 01, 2005 05:06    

Sorry for the total newbie question, but I'm trying to create a link with an image, and control where the next item is on the page, but the HTML checking feature won't let me combine <br> and <a href... > codes.

How do I replicate the following HTML code in my blog:

<a href="link"><img src="image"></a>Text<br clear="all">

Thanks in advance.

2 Mar 01, 2005 10:34

pgwodehouse wrote:

<a href="link"><img src="image"></a>Text<br clear="all">

I do it this way

<a href="link"><img src="image" /></a>Text<br clear="all" />

I add 2 "/" so it is strict xml (or something)

3 Mar 01, 2005 16:03

Thanks, that fixed it!

And I feel like even more of a newbie now! LOL

4 Mar 01, 2005 18:13

pgwodehouse - The "new" HTML is called XHTML, with three flavors (strict, transitional & frames). The effort is to make 'better formed' HTML pages.

XHTML requires that every tag be closed (i.e. - <a href="blah"></a>)

In the case of the <img> tag, it doesn't have a corresponding </img> tag, so what you do is close it by adding a "space"/> at the end. (Thereby closing 'itself').

You can learn more about XHTML [url=]HERE[/url] ... and not be a noob anymore! ;)


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