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1 Mar 01, 2005 17:34    

A search for 'archived stats' came up with nothing and saw nothing about this in the hacked stats things. Is there a way to get old stats from the blog? I see only a months worth and I want to see older stats (probably something easy that ill get flamed for but...)

2 Mar 01, 2005 18:12

If you've got the stats auto prune feature enabled (which you'll find by opening up conf/_advanced.php in your favourite text editor), they're gone forever, to meet their maker in stats heaven. If you want to, you can check out the stats table in the database in phpmyadmin, just to check that they're gone, but like I said before, if stats auto prune is on, they won't be in there.

3 Mar 01, 2005 18:32


It was/is set at 30 days so yes they are gone forever. Thanks though - now I know where to change it.

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