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1 Mar 04, 2005 07:06    

How do i delete all of the blogs except one?

3 Mar 04, 2005 11:57

Deleting all the blogs except one is a very stupid idea. You should leave the all blog alone, and use a regular blog to contain your postings.

4 Mar 04, 2005 21:04

vinyl dude ...

I can't remember how many blogs b2evo comes with, but there is a blog called 'ALL' blogs that you cannot delete. It's an aggregate of all individual blogs and has characteristics that I have not fully fathomed.

But, not to worry. I don't use it. If you go to [url=]my site[/url], you'll see only one blog. But, really, there are three separate blogs there (the "all" blog that one can't delete) and another blog that I have on a subdomain which, also, you cannot see.

So ... to answer your question. Go into the back office, click on blogs, then delete every blog you want (EXCEPT the All) blog ... which doesn't have an "X" by it anyway.

Also, in the Settings tab, you can select the Default blog to be seen when you do get around to creating a blog.

I can't remember how I got my pages to not show the 'All Blog' at all, but I'm sure that it was in how I edited the _main.php for the skin I ended up using. (I use only one skin).

So ... you can't delete all blogs except one. You can, however, have 1 blog + the all blog (and then hide the all blog from view).


5 Mar 04, 2005 23:50

digthevinyle using phpmyadmin you can change the ALL blog to whatever. I think the only mandatory aspect is the blog_ID=1. (I had only one blog, until I added a links blog)

UPDATE `evo_blogs` SET `blog_ID` = 1, `blog_shortname` = 'daHouse', `blog_name` = 'daHouse' WHERE  `blog_ID` = 1;

Not sure what the 'specialness' of the all page was other then displaying all other blogs, which I can already do using just the index.php page. or the all stub file.
NOTE: changes to in evo_blogs will have to be reflected in the evo_categories table as well.

6 Mar 05, 2005 07:48

Well, if that works that''s rather a cunning way of doing it - but I would seriously suggest not using phpmyadmin on a working site - it's a sledgehammer to crack a nut...

7 Mar 05, 2005 18:53

True polyxena (I like the sledgehammer analogy) , but how else would you go about it?

8 Mar 06, 2005 13:48

I wouldn't do it at all. Unless you change the database back to how it was, it can seriously screw a future upgrade.

9 Mar 06, 2005 16:06

it can seriously screw a future upgrade.

That doesn't help me find a solution at all it just adds to the problem.
Can you give a little more detail then that? (What it screws up, etc) This mysterious all blogs agregate even though stub and template files are available. Point me to a post, wiki page, something.

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