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1 Mar 03, 2005 16:09    

Neither the [url=]doc[/url] or a search on "report AND comment AND spam" yielded an answer to this simple question:

What is the proper way to report comment spam keywords?

What's the diff between these three flavors?


  • Word only[*]Dots and words [*]Dashes and words[/list:o]What is the [recommended/best/most succinct] keyword to use for adding THIS comment/site onto the blacklist? (I used -smartonlineshops-, figuring the dashes were wildcards, but then I wondered if there was a preferred method). Didn't find one. Thought I'd ask.

  • Author: direct tv (IP:,
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    Url: http: //
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    2 Mar 03, 2005 16:30

    Me and Graham are the two who approve the banned keywords and URL's.

    For me, I look good at what people are reporting, and I will almost certenly bann full domains (only not, because there are more goods than cons)

    In your example I will ban the url :

    nothing more and nothing less.

    3 Mar 03, 2005 19:07

    That will get the subdomains too?

    So it doesn't really matter what I put down, because you and Graham catch everything, right?! ;)

    4 Mar 03, 2005 20:08

    that will get all the subdomains too ;)

    because that will catch all what has in the url
    also for exemple

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