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1 Mar 04, 2005 14:13    

I tried unzipping the files and opening them and everything.
I'm completely illiterate with all of this blogger stuff...
Could someone please help me out a little here? O.o;
I can't figure out how to do -any- of it.

2 Mar 04, 2005 15:15

How basic do you need?
Do you have suitable webspace to run these scripts from? Does it support databases and php scripts? Do you have ftp access? Have you ever installed any web scripts before?

Make sure you read the installation instructions in the doc directory very carefully and ask about anything you're not sure about before you start.


4 Mar 04, 2005 20:54


You might find more answers in the "installation support" section of the forum, as it appears your problem is better suited to that category.

Have a look through some of the posts there.

BTW ... if you have access to Fantastico, through your hosting service, you might find it a LOT easier to install b2evo through that automatic service. (just an idea)

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