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1 Mar 04, 2005 15:13    


I'm wondering if (and I have searched for this) it is possible to use b2evolution to run multiple blogs on different websites? Each blog would have to be completely separate from the others, but all run by one instance of b2evolution. Does b2 already do this?

I'm completely new to anything to do with blogging.

I have two applications for this that interlink with each other. I have a website for writers. I want to offer those writers each seperate websites to showcase their work. They would be able to access their work (people could access their sites) via their own domain names (their own website to all intents and purposes) and also, their sites could be accessed via a frame in the main site.

Is b2 ideal for this? I only want to use the one instance of b2...

Thanks in advance,

Sonny Manou.

2 Mar 04, 2005 16:54

"Multiple domain support" is expected in the next release

3 Mar 05, 2005 14:50

Thank you Keisow.

I'm not ungrateful for what I got Keisow, but when is it due? (Roughly)

Sonny Manou

4 Mar 05, 2005 23:17

christmas ;)

ok, just kidding. there's no release date yet, but maybe you want to try the CVS-version - if you know, what you do

5 Mar 07, 2005 13:58

Sorry? CVS - version?

Have you got a link that I can check out?


7 Mar 07, 2005 17:35

CVS is the highly experimental development version. Some days it might work, some days it might not. It's pot luck. The reason there aren't detailled instructions on how to use it is that if you can't work it out, you really shouldn't be using it. It's highly unlikely you'll be able to upgrade from a cvs version and it is totally unsupported.

8 Mar 08, 2005 12:35


Thank you. I'm not in any hurry. I just plod along and get there usually. It is a learning experience. I have been playing with phpnuke for a couple of months and I have now got a nice little site running. I will play with b2evlotion and use it to enhance the same site a little.

I'll try not to bother people too much, I just needed to know quickly whether I was on the right track and I couldn't track down the answer via search.

See you about!

Sonny Manou.

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