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1 Mar 06, 2005 02:42    

Hi there, I'm such a newbee that I can't even verbalize the function I'm looking to create ... therefore, my attempts to ferret out the answer via searching the forum have come to naught.

My blog sidebar has a tremendous number of categories and subcategories that just scrolls on forever, and I don't want them all listed initially -- I'd like to hide the subcategories and let users click a little + or - to open and close those categories.

Right now my blog looks like this

Category 1
subcategory a
subcategory b
Category 2
subcategory c
subcategory d
Category 3
subcategory e
subcategory f

I'd like it to look like this:

+ Category 1
+ Category 2
+ Category 3

Then if a user chooses to click on Category 1, it looks like this:

- Category 1
subcategory a
subcategory b
+ Category 2
+ Category 3

And so on.

This function can be seen in all its glory in the right-hand side box labeled "Skin repository: v0.9.0.11" at:

I'd appreciate any and every piece of advice... and just so it's known, I'm more of a cut-and-paste type of guy as I've never written a piece of php code in my life but I'm looking to learn!

2 Mar 09, 2005 07:40

... figured someone out there might be able to point me in the right direction given that I've seen it in use on b2evolution's very site! if no one has an answer, perhaps someone has a clue of where else I could be looking?

3 Mar 09, 2005 09:24

Look at the source of the page. It's just javascript and css.

4 Mar 09, 2005 10:40

thanks Graham ... Given I've never tinkered with CSS or java before, do you think all I need to do is mimic the code from the source of b2evolution, or will I have to make new changes to some primary CSS configuration on my site?

The thing is that for all I know java is just an island in Indonesia and CSS might as well stand for the Canadian Soccer Society ...

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