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1 Mar 06, 2005 03:26    

Hello! I just installed a few days ago, have reinstalled cause I screwed somethings up. Now Im about finnished with cofiguring and layout et.c. but then I noticed that I cant administer plugins under the settings/plugins menu. The page is just flat, no buttons to klick (except save and reset which both do nothing). Is this normal or did i screw something up?
How do I turn smileys off for example?

Thanks in advance!

2 Mar 06, 2005 03:49

you have to open the plugins itself and change the settings. there's no adminstration via the backoffice (yet?). it's a little bit sub-optimal, but... well...

look in plugins/renderers/_smilies.renderer-php and change

var $apply_when = 'always';


var $apply_when = 'never';

see also

btw: we had this topic more than once. the search-function does work, really. using it saves us time for the new or more complicated questions :D

3 Mar 06, 2005 04:12

Hey! Ok, wow thanks 4 the quick reply, thats great.

And for the record i did search... A search for "administer plugins" gets the following top hits.

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Tried some diffrent searches... But perhaps my imagination is to lousy to come up with good search terms. :) Thanks again tho. I?d been browsing around 4 a while!

4 Mar 06, 2005 06:11

the trick to the search is to check the second option, "search for all terms", without doing that nearly every post that contains either word "administer" or "plugins" will be returned. :)

doing it with the second option checked returns one thread, yours :)

5 Mar 06, 2005 14:00

Haha! Ok, great I'll try that in the future.
Have fun!

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