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1 Mar 06, 2005 13:18    

Hello guys,

I am having a problem with my CP Panel, the "upload image" button has disappeared from the posting area in the Admin CP panel. The entire CP panel area has changed its format, now the text area occupies the entire width of my computer screen, and the options as to categories, etc, appear below -- very strange.

Another thing is that it gives me a parse error and refuses to post when I use accented characters in Spanish, something that was totally fine before. Now it won't take any "strange" character, like especial quote marks, or accented vowels such as ?, ?, ?, ? or special ones such as ?.

What can I do to restore the program? I would like to update the program as well, I am running 9.0.5 now, but I am afraid that I might get issues and destroy (lose) months and months of work.

Perhaps there is a way to just fix the admin panel, upload images and accented characters without re-installing or upgrading?

Thanks for any help.

2 Mar 06, 2005 15:22

The golden rule in tech support is that nothing just happens. Something must have changed, even if it's not on your end. What changed?

What work are you worried about losing? Your posts will survive the upgrade process, and it's 95% sure that your skin will as well. Unless you've got any hacks on there, there's no reason at all not to upgrade.

Even if you have got hacks, a decent diff / merge utility will help you out no end.

If you're still refusing to upgrade (with the potential security hole that presents - I'm not sure if the sql injection hole is in that version or not), you can just try re-uploading the files that are 'corrupted'.

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