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1 Mar 08, 2005 18:57    

I have a problem with my installation :-/

Thing is that when I first installed it I forgot to change the Base URL to the URL of my website.
So I deleted all the files and started over again.

But when I click "Go" for th New Install I get this error:

MySQL error!

Table 'evo_groups' already exists(Errno=1050)

Your query:
CREATE TABLE evo_groups ( grp_ID int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, grp_name varchar(50) NOT NULL default '', grp_perm_blogs enum('user','viewall','editall') NOT NULL default 'user', grp_perm_stats enum('none','view','edit') NOT NULL default 'none', grp_perm_spamblacklist enum('none','view','edit') NOT NULL default 'none', grp_perm_options enum('none','view','edit') NOT NULL default 'none', grp_perm_users enum('none','view','edit') NOT NULL default 'none', grp_perm_templates TINYINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, PRIMARY KEY grp_ID (grp_ID) )

How do I solve this?
I can't log in to the blog because i don't remember the password I got when I did the first install :-/
And I don't receive a new generated password in my e-mail either.

Help :-/

2 Mar 08, 2005 19:03

you need to go ind delete all the previously created tables.. then restart the install

MySQL error!

Table 'evo_groups' already exists

its telling you the problem.

3 Mar 08, 2005 19:12

Thanks for the swift reply.

Thing is that I'm totally new to all this so forgive me for asking this:

What are the previously created tables? :oops:
Do I just delete 'evo_groups' from my files and do the install over agian,or is there more to it?
Or am I just not seeing what you're saying?

Sorry....Thanks :)

4 Mar 08, 2005 19:16

delete everything that begins with evo_

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