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1 Mar 09, 2005 07:16    

i love my /[url=]blog[/url]/, i think it's hilarious and so do my friends, but according to my stats, i only get about 160 visitors a day. but that traffic is mainly due to my i actually only get about 15 visitors a day to my /blog/ page. does anyone know how to get more visitors? my site doesn't rank very high on Google nor Yahoo. help please, i want more readers!!


2 Mar 09, 2005 07:49

well, to be honest, I had started 2 times to give you some sort of something. Truth is, if i stumbled across your blog once, I prolly wouldnt come back..only because what you write about doesnt interest me.

You seem to have an established voice, that of a young black man, who likes to swear (thats OK, im not a prude), and use the word "jigga" alot. I can tell you though, your "audience" doesnt read blogs. And yes, that statement is bloggable.

You might need to work on appealing to a wider audience, which might mean writing about more than hand-jobs and male bosses that are bitches, or learn to expect that not too many people are going to read that long term.. or ..?

More generally, you might consider writing on "topics", I dont know.

My personal idea, and I struggle with this a lot myself, is that bloggers not only need a voice, they need to be contemporary. I think, but do not know for a fact, that people read unknown blogs, basically because they are looking for something, an opinion on something, a song, a movie, blah blah blah. That something is usually something "news-worthy", and recent.

Or, you go the other route, say f*ck it, write what you want, and start the first hip-hop blog-ring-thingermajigga ?

Does that help? prolly not, but you did ask :)

3 Mar 09, 2005 10:15

thanks for the constructive blog beatdown. maybe you're right, my blog isn't exactly "PC" and i tend to be a bit abrasive, but that's me. personally, i think my shit's hilarious and my dedicated readers do too (their comments got deleted when i switch to b2evolution).

i'm aware that my blog doesn't have a huge kickback cuz my "visits:visitors" ratio is 1.44:1, i just don't know why i do not get any search engine love. plus i don't even know where to find a blogring. most of my friends don't use the fucing internet except to download music and porn so i don't personally know anyone with a blog.

but you are exactly right with the news shit. i just don't feel a need to be reporter #466,382,192.

4 Mar 09, 2005 10:26

You'll get higher search engine ranking by having sites link to you. You'll also get higher rankings by writing about popular things.

You've already said you wont change what you write, so you've got to make a decision. Either you write for the love of writing and just get on with it and accept that not every single site is going to be popular, or write for hits and change how you write.

Up to you...

5 Mar 09, 2005 10:43

ok, well maybe the search engine ranking shit isn't such a big deal. the deal is this: there are only about 6 bloggers i know who have my blog linked and they're not even highly trafficked sites. i don't understand, i think i am completely linkable. i dunno, maybe i need to go with Blogger. or maybe bloggers are afraid to link me because of my content even though i believe it is very relevant and provocative stuff.[/b]

6 Mar 09, 2005 12:52

well, thinks for taking what I said so .well :)

I did leave one thing out -- you write very well. I dont think youre funny, but thats prolly cuz Im old... and white .... and female :P but you do write well.
Im happy to hook you up with a link, only it will have to wait, since my own site is getting a makeover at present.

Dont expect a shitload of hits from me, but I'll do my best.

Little blogs need to stick together

I was reading an article the other day from some guy in Washington DC paper, he was talking about why women dont "seem" successful when it comes to blogging. The article stunk -- the guy based nearly all his premises on your status on the stupid TLB thing that every conservative shlep has on their site .. I'm a marsupial, or whatever that is.

Anyway, my point is that I spose there ought to be some sort of hookup for people that blog that might not meet not fit into that conservative, white, stereotype blogger thing that seems to be so prevalant these days. Frankly, maybe people need a breath of fresh air, maybe even I can use one! I know im sure over reading about Bush, social security, and Iraq.

7 Mar 10, 2005 07:43

The best advice I can give you is don't do it for popularity, do it because you love what you do. Too many people get caught up on hits, links, traffic and stats instead of accomplishing what they want. Also give it time, more people will find you.

8 Mar 10, 2005 19:06

thanks whoo! and nice advice quard. whoo i can't believe you're an old white female. reading your 1st reply, i assumed you were an old jig man/lady. I got a lot of visitors yesterday and few new referrers. thanks folks, let's stick together and I won't forget about ya when i add my linkblog tonight.

quard, when i started last august, it was merely about my writing. if you read the '[url=]settling in[/url]' category you'll see a really toned down version of myself with a lot more technical writing swordmanship. but lately i've been trying to make my blog more interesting so you'll find me at my dirtiest in the '[url=]rants[/url]' section, which i think whoo read 1st. just trying to get hits like mainstream hip-hop![/url]

9 Mar 11, 2005 00:50

lol, old is relative!

10 Mar 12, 2005 17:19

You're welcome, I shall look at your site some more!

11 Mar 20, 2005 08:42

one're reviews are mind-blowing. i really like your style (funny and right on point) and will definitely bookmark ya. and as soon as i get my new domainname i will cop you a spot on my blogroll. i sent you an email by the way. also: you are a talented producer and i know a lot of people who would like to check out your music gallery as well.


12 Mar 22, 2005 06:58

Thanx hun you're a sweetheart. And thanx everyone for linking me, my traffic is unbelievable now that I have been promoting my site and visiting other's blogs. I may not even have enough bandwidth to make it through the know how those free hosters are! And thanx to the people at b2evo for great blogware.


14 Mar 29, 2005 08:21

blogEXPLOSION is the shit. excuse my French. But I highly suggest peeps to register their blog there. good drop, macguru.

15 Mar 29, 2005 16:39

"It takes time for my love to grow. Like a chia pet, "

I like that line. You do write well.

I don't know if I read the whole Sex Survey, but did you ever do anything with a chia pet?

- David

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