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1 Mar 09, 2005 23:49    

Is there any way of adding categories other than adding them to a particular blog? If not, should I make an admin blog holding every category I wish to add, and how do I make the blog invisible to everyone but admin?

2 Mar 10, 2005 00:45

Lets see... First question = no: categories are assigned to a blog, or as a sub-category of a category (which in turn is assigned to a blog). Should you make an admin blog for all your categories? I guess you could, then use the back office to exclude it from the public blog list. Be aware that if you use blog1 as your publicly available blog then EVERYTHING will show up in it since it is the aggregator blog. Use blog 2 as your blog, blog 3 as your linkblog, and blog 4 as your 'admin' blog with categories you want to hide.

Oh another method is to make a post in a publicly accessible blog as a private post, which would mean only the author can see it. You can do that in a regular normal cat in a regular normal blog, so no need for an extra blog or cat.

3 Mar 10, 2005 01:00

Thanks, I think I know what I am doing now. I have been looking for a decent script to run a free blog hosting service for a while now, and this is the best I've seen so far.

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