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Started by on Mar 10, 2005 – Contents updated: Mar 10, 2005

1 Mar 10, 2005 19:25    


i have a linkblog at

I have a problem that just arose. The front page shows only 2 posts (onwards from the first one i posted this morning). But there are many more articles in the database. Ive been posting for the last few days and have built up quite a few by now. They just dont show them all by default? This was the case until today, that is, the linkblog used to show all the posts (up to a certain number). The articles still exist, as you can see by clicking one of the category titles like "Canada", in which case all the articles under this category are displayed. It's just not showing all the articles by default... does anyone know what the deal is?


2 Mar 11, 2005 08:26

Go to the backoffice
Click on settings
in the bock display options, you mention how you want your blog to be displayed.

number of days, number of articles, ...

In my example I want 14 posts per page.

My display mode = post paged
posts/days per page : 14

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