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1 Mar 12, 2005 19:54    


When posting a new entiry the entiry.form for my "All-blogs"-blog shows up by deafult. This is a real pain in the ass... Can I somehow deactivate that blog (or perhaps change something else), so that I by deafult write in my created blog?


2 Mar 12, 2005 20:20

look in the file _advanced.php in your /conf folder.

look for the lines :

# Set the blog number to be used when not otherwise specified
# 2 is the default setting, since it is the first user blog created by b2evo
# 1 is also a popular choice, since it is a special blog aggregating all the others
if( !isset($default_to_blog) ) $default_to_blog = 2;

and change it to whatever you want

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