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1 Mar 12, 2005 21:54    

here is the url I am working on:

scroll down to the comment and the fieldset where the comment text and whatnot are displayed I am getting a "pink" box (which might be unique to my screen, this may be a different color on yours I am not certain)--I have been able to customize all the other fieldsets but can't figure out where to change that ONE....

Anyone can help me with where this might be changed?

Thanks a bunch!

2 Mar 12, 2005 22:18

I don't see a pink box, unless I hover over the "Send Comment" box at the bottom. If you edit your style.css file in your particular skin folder you can change the background color for the following style:

input[type="submit"]:hover, input[type="submit"]:focus {
	cursor: pointer;
	background:  #856686;

That should get rid of the pink when you hover.

3 Mar 13, 2005 08:59

Okay here's a screen shot of what I see. I changed the fieldset to the areas other than comment to a very light green, and wanted the same colors for that section--

I can't find the code to turn off the two pinkish (again on my screen) blocks around the actual comment section.

I appreciate any help anyone can give me!

Oh and I'm not getting any hover action here lol MAN this can drive ya crazy!


hmm...that image was showing broken for me at first, but the url is right...go figure?

4 Mar 13, 2005 15:10

Well, I've looked at that page in both Firefox and IE6 and I don't see the pink outline the way your screenshot showed it. What OS and browser are you using?

5 Mar 14, 2005 04:25

Sorry, the pic isn't displaying, but I had a quick peek at your site in both MSIE and FFox, Susie.

You are sure one to like your borders! ;)

I'm seeing conflicting frameset borders in your comments area. There seem to be boxes everywhere.

If I add fieldset { border:1px solid transparent }, things clean up a little nicer in FFox but transparent isn't supported by MSIE.

If I knew more about what you wanted to do, I might could help. (Maybe if you sent some of Stephanie's PB kisses cookies? ;) )

I see you got smilies working in comments. Good hack.


6 Mar 14, 2005 20:34

Well, here's what I figured is the smilies hack that is putting the border around it in IE6. I dunno what part of that code is doing it but eh....

I am not really satisfied with the layout or look of the whole comment area anyway, so I might try to start over again from scratch (did redo one file to see the error, and it was fixed but changed it back for the time being because it broke my smilies :-/

All that said, anyone have a nice looking comment file they would reccomend? I looked through the skins so a lot of them are turned off so I can't see the actual forms.

Thanks a bunch!
Blessings to ya'll!

7 Mar 14, 2005 20:51

It's going to be almost impossible to track down what's really causing it as you have [url=]404 validation errors[/url] on your comments page.

The chances are, if you got the page to validate, the whole problem would fade away.


8 Mar 17, 2005 21:13

That's a lot of coding problems to look through, but the ones associated with the comment section are where I just copied it and pasted it straight from the original files. Hmmm...

It's weird that it only shows up on some browsers (mine is IE6)...I'll keep working on it =o)

I appreciate your help and insight.

God bless!

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